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Workers' Compensation Claims

The Workers' Compensation system was created to provide a reasonable "no-fault" based system of compensation for persons injured at work.  It was meant to be a compromise between workers and employers rights.  Workers gave up the right to obtain full compensation for injuries caused by the carelessness of the employer and co-employee and in return are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits, regardless of fault, for injuries occurring on the job.  Employers, on the other hand, gave up the right to have liability determined on the basis of whether they were at fault for the injury and in return received the benefit of a system which costs them less.


Our attorneys have handled thousands of workers' compensation issues ranging from disputed minor injury claims to those worth in excess of a million dollars. While each claim is different, you can count on the firm's experience to guide you through the workers' compensation process. Often times, people don't even need a lawyer to handle their compensation claim. All they need is a little information about what they should do. If you have a claim like this, we will tell you so up front and at no charge.

General Negligence with Personal Injury

Unless your injury happens while on the job, it is likely a civil litigation claim, known as a "tort" or general negligence claim.   In simple terms, it means that someone else was at fault for your injury.  In this situation, the party at fault's insurance coverage can be held responsible to pay for any damages that were caused by your injury.


Our attorneys routinely handle personal injury claims from automobile collisions, falls, and general negligence, as well as those caused by dangerous products.  We work with these claims on a daily basis and have settled  cases ranging from the small to those worth multi-million dollars.  Avoid the pitfalls and traps that are abundant in these claims. Choose a firm with the experience you can count on and a reputation you can trust.   Let us put our experience to work for you.

Injuries to Minors

Kids are pretty resilient to injuries. They bounce back quickly from broken bones, bumps, and bruises. But this isn’t always the case and sometimes very serious injuries can be overlooked in children. Injuries to children can have complex and life-long consequences for the child and the rest of the family. When kids are involved, injury claims can become very complex and a lot of the rules that apply to adult claims are simply not applicable to a minor's claim. Let us help you protect your child and obtain the benefits they deserve.

Uninsured and Underinsured Vehicle Claims

Were you injured and there just doesn't seem to be enough insurance coverage to go around?


Is a hospital or health insurance company claiming most of the money available on your claim?

 If you have been told that there is no insurance to cover your injuries, or that all of the insurance has been used up, you need to look deeper for insurance.   Many times there is hidden insurance coverage available to compensate you, and there are special rules that limit what an insurance company or medical provider can take from your recovery.  Let us review your situation to see what can be done to help.


Dangerous Products Cases

Our attorneys have successfully taken on major corporate manufacturers and sellers including the Keller Ladder Company, Caterpillar Tractor Company, PepsiCo, and the Marlin Firearms Company, just to name a few. If you or a loved one have been injured by a dangerous product, call us for help.

Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability claims have been a long time concentration of Brian McGovern.  Most Social Security claims are turned down at the first and even the second stages.  When you have been denied benefits for the second time, give Brian a call.  He has a clear understanding of the system, and what needs to be done to win your disability claim.

Life Insurance Disputes on Death Claims

Odd as it may seem, life insurance companies really do dispute life insurance claims. They do this for a number of reasons, mostly because of some dispute about the medical condition of the policy holder at the time the policy was issued.  We have successfully taken on life insurance claims against several national insurance carriers.   If an insurance company is denying a life insurance claim, give us a call.  We have successfully handled several life insurance disputes and would be happy to look into the facts of your case.